More and more mining companies are striving towards a more sustainable future for their mines and those communities affected by them.

Nouveau Holdings, Ltd. is positioning itself to be a global partner with green mining technology solutions that will become the standard for clean responsible mining in the future.

Sustainable Development and Biomining

Biomining contributes to sustainable development in the same way all microorganism-mediated processes do: it uses existing organisms and mechanisms in nature. Traditional mining is an especially toxic process involving the use of chemicals like cyanide. Although the process of Biomining does not yet completely eliminate the use of harmful chemicals, it allows for a lessened use, resulting in lower production costs of cleaning up the mining processes.

Biomining uses naturally existing microorganisms to leach and oxidate. As well, studies of microorganism genomes are helping researchers learn more about how microorganism biology works. This may lead to the genetic engineering of organisms for optimal Biomining results.