About Us
Nouveau Holdings, Ltd. is a growth phase company with interests in the mining sector. Nouveau, has interests in patented Biomining technology.

Nouveau Holdings, Ltd.: Digging Smart with Small Footprint and Microbial Gold and Silver Recovery Technology for the Future of Green Mining

Nouveau is in a unique position to bring a Green alternative to the Gold mining industry with Patented Mobile Biomining Ore Processing Bioreactor Apparatus technology using Continuous Refractory Ore Bio-Processing. The company has tremendous potential to bring the new technologies promise of eco friendly non toxic alternatives in the mining industry.

  • As of February 2013 Spectrum Acquisition Holdings, Inc. a public company, changed its name to Nouveau Holdings, Ltd., a green mining technology company with intellectual property and patents.

Highlights - Why Nouveau Holdings, Ltd. Should Be on Your Radar NOW
  • Nouveau Holdings, Ltd. is a "Green Mining" company with ecologically small footprint Patent Applications and business.

  • Nouveau Holdings, Ltd.'s continuing business plan is to expand through targeted acquisition of companies with strong revenues, high profit margins and audited financials involved with Industrial Equipment Manufacturing, Industrial & Municipal Construction and Engineering companies, industry property management and green mining interests including Bio mining technology and small footprint non-invasive technologies.
  • Nouveau Holdings, Ltd. is developing "Small footprint" technologies including, Laser Guidance Systems for Diamond Wire Stone Cutting, Apparatus for Digesting Metal Ore with Bacteria and new Green Mining technologies that will minimize the traditionally poisonous and toxic environmental threats poised by the mining industry.
  • Nouveau Holdings, Ltd. is in a unique position to provide eco technologies and gain a niche in the emerging Biomining industry that remove poisonous waste and chemicals from the process.